About Shoko America

Shoko America, Inc. was originally established as Shodex HPLC products North America Sales Office in 2001. Shodex has very strong product line for SEC, GPC and Polymer Recersed Phase. Shoko America, Inc. is belonging to Shoko Co., Ltd. Group. Shoko Group is basically Special Sales Group for Showa Denko K.K. who is one the largest Chemical companies in Japan. Now, in North America, Shoko America, Inc. has started to offer Shoko Scientific's Purif Flash Chromatography System/Columns and other products besides Shodex in Chromatography field. Also, Shoko America, Inc. covers the chemical and metal related business between North America and Japan/Asia according to Shoko Group business.

About Shodex

All HPLC Column business has been transferred to Amuza inc. Please contact us for details.

Shodex provides solutions for a wide field of analyses, such as pharmaceutical, proteom, food chemical, environmental, chemical and so on. Shodex offers packed columns for HPLC with various silica and polymer-based gels, and having a wide variety of separation modes; which includes GPC, GFC, SEC, ion exchange, reversed phase, normal phase, chiral, IC and affinity. Shodex also offers equipment such as Shodex RI, CD detectors and ERC Degassers.
Additionally, shodex will create specialized products according to your requests.

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Catalogs are available please contact us.

Catalogs are available please contact us.